Nowadays if you want to sell an internet product it’s much better to take in account that each product has a policy of refunds. Refund policy typically claims that any product could be 100% refunded during 4-8 weeks after the purchase date if customer is not satisfied with product. To keep your customers happy you need to organize top notch customer support plus a good product.

What is needed for best outsourced Support Services?

To start with what you should do is to learn their customer care services. If they provide a wide range of customer support service such as e-mail, chat or phone support, remote control support etc. then you can continue exploring website and speaking regarding the price. Always get to know what kind of customer support services do they provide. Will it be IT support or just simple one (canned responses).

What is the difference between customer support and tech customer care?

The big difference is that simple customer support can answer only regular questions that already have prewritten replies and all sorts of IT questions that require some additional knowledge are transferred to the tech department. But IT customer support doesn’t need any extra departments besides general programmers support (answering some very special questions regarding the product). As well as the difference is in having many departments or only technical customer care department that can cover all issues but will cost less money. However sometimes you could only need simple customer support department, if you’re selling easy product with a few documentations and simple functions. Companies that offer IT support can organize simple one as well for a lower price.

Outsourced support companies from Philippines provide simple support only for some easy but popular products. In Ukraine you can find an organization for IT support for a reasonable price.

Is there a distinction between live and ticket customer care?

Email support is when customer sends an e-mail and then web oriented system creates a ticket. Forum threads and tickets are very common. Usually customer gets support answer in 8-12 hours (up to 24 hours). Chat Support is a chat system between support personal and a client. In this case customer requests are being answered quickly and the response time is usually about 5 minutes. This can be good when you’re selling a product for a price greater than $50 when customers require more urgent support assistance. The most effective is often a mixture of tickets and live support when technically hard issues get answered by emails and straightforward questions (greater degree of requests) are being answered live in chats.

Also IT support service should have additional services available. As an example it is very helpful to have working reports service available. You can request a customer support service report and see how many tickets have been finished today or the day before and control the amount of clients are having issues and how often.

You should select the best offshore customer support provider because this is quite crucial to your business.