What an Administrative Assistant Can Do For You

What an Administrative Assistant Can Do For You

An administrative assistant is a key person in any office. She is in charge of the office operation, handling the processing of documents, communications with both clients and employees and, depending on the business, doing billing work. Thanks to the Internet, many of these tasks can be done remotely by a virtual assistant who works from home or from another location. If you need help with your business, there are many benefits to choosing a remote assistant.

Skilled Professional

A good virtual assistant can take care of all your office needs. A simple Internet connection and phone is all she needs to be plugged into your operation. You can give her a dedicated phone number so she can handle client or staff calls. She can send and receive data and documents from your office, enabling her to handle billing, newsletters, memos, reports and anything else you need.

24/7 Help

If you need someone to run things while you are out meeting with clients, your assistant can help. Or maybe you’d like to be accessible to international clients or customers who want a quick answer after normal business hours. You can contract with your assistant for any kind of shift coverage you need.

Staff Savings

If you choose a remote assistant who is an independent contractor or who works for an employment agency, you can cut employee costs. Not only will you save by not having to provide her with office space, but you will save on employee benefits as well. You can also have her work just those hours you need her.

Motivated Worker

Because you are allowing your assistant to work from home or another remote location, you are likely boosting her morale and motivating her to do a good job so she can continue with the arrangement. Professionals who select the occupation often appreciate not having to commute to an office to do their work.

Specialized Services

Some remote assistants provide extra help, such as doing medical transcriptions, handling technical tasks, performing market research, maintaining websites or offering Internet research. You can hire an assistant for a specific project or make this kind of work part of an assistant’s usual routine.

Personal Services

If you are a small business owner with a family, you are likely very busy and often don’t have enough time to get everything done. If so, your assistant can take on other tasks to make your life easier. Look for someone who offers personal services such as making travel arrangements, scheduling doctor appointments, arranging for someone to take care of your pets when you travel and even planning family reunions.

As you consider what kind of administrative assistant you want to help you manage the administrative tasks of your business, you may find that a virtual assistant is just what you need. Find someone who can do the specific tasks you need on the days and at the time that you need them done, and you’ll find a motivated professional on whom you can count.

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